Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mormon in the White House

Former Massacheusetts governor, Mitt Romney, took initial steps to get his presidential campaign rolling. At a recent kickoff fundraiser, his supporters expressed their enthusiasm for his candidacy with a whopping $6.5 million. He seems like he is on his way.

Prominent Evangelicals (like Dr. Dobson) have speculated that Romney would not receive support from Evangelicals because he is a Mormon. I'm wondering about that.

Laura Ingraham asked Romney about it yesterday morning; there is a clip of this portion of the interview availble by clicking here. (If you'd like more of the interview, you can access it by clicking here).

Romney's reply makes a lot of sense, as did the rest of his interview.

I'm wondering if people are really serious about Evangelicals shunning him because of his faith. What other candidate would they support? The other early frontrunners seem to be fairly secular. Currenlty we hear Obama and HRC refer to their faith more than McCain or Giuliani.

Do you think faith matters much in the 2008 presidential race? Do you think that Romney's faith will hurt him with the Evangelical Republicans?

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