Thursday, June 19, 2008


I love this cartoon! It reminds me that in most cases the "headliner" has a partner that is doing the same hard work, but with added burdens. Sure, Fred Astaire was the big star; he got to "lead" and get the biggest share of the credit, but Ginger was right there with every step... but doing it backwards and in high heels.

We who get to be out front have to be sure to remember that there are usually others around us who are doing the same heavy lifting. In many cases it might even be easier to be out leading. We get to "lead," calling the shots, and benefiting from the titles and such... while those around us are doing the work a harder way, without the privilege we often enjoy.

I hope I can do better to appreciate those around that are doing the work "backwards and in high heels." And, when I'm the one doing the work "backwards and in high heels" I'll remember to take some pleasure in getting things handled well in my role.


Boom said...

Always good to appreciate, publicly, those who help to get things done behind the scenes. I know that this goes without least in theory, but how often does it really go without practice. Great way to get individual contributor and team buy-in. Plus it doesn't cost a nickel.

That cartoon says alot.

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Boom Daniel
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Anonymous said...

People should read this.